Things I Hate

This is gonna be a lot to handle. Because I hate a lot of things. Enjoy!

  • When people play trash can basketball
    • You aren’t going to make it, you aren’t Kobe Bryant. Stop yourself before you embarrass yourself.
  • Non spongebob mac & cheese
    • This is a very very unpopular opinion. I am sorry.
  • When people don’t order food and then eat mine
    • Dick move. Don’t do this.
  • Cargo pants
    • You don’t need that many pockets I promise you.
  • Twin sized beds
    • They are not comfortable and they are not necessary.
  • When people are late
    • My time is precious.
  • Bad texters
    • I don’t have time for you.
  • People that recline their seats on airplanes
    • Another DICK MOVE
  • Sitting at a table instead of a booth at a restaurant
    • Why limit your comfort?
  • When my phone doesn’t know how to spell the word I am misspelling
    • I know I passed all my spelling tests but you are a piece of technology and should know better than me.
  • Driving
    • I want other people to drive so that I can enjoy the music and the view but I don’t want to focus on stop lights are other cars and stuff.
  • Wet socks
    • I’m cringing just thinking about this.
  • Storms
    • No. No. No. No. No.
  • Sink holes
    • Fun fact: My mom thinks that this is the way I am going to die.
  • Flip Flops
    • No grown people should be able to wear flip flops.
  • Giftcards
    • It takes the fun out of getting a gift.
  • Textbook readings
    • These aren’t necessary if you are going to tell me whats on the test during lecture, yet I feel obligated to read your 50 page assignments Professor.
  • Slow walkers
    • You are the bain of my existence.
  • Cherry pie
    • Sticky and mushy and liquidy, ew.
  • People that go to ice cream but don’t buy ice cream
    • Ice cream shouldn’t be an option along the way, it should be a destination.
  • People that order salad for their meal at a really good restaurant
    • Go home.
  • 4PM
    • You are an irrelevant time. What happens at 4pm????? Let me know.
  • 3 Musketeers
    • Creepy
  • Bananas
    • Also creepy
  • People who don’t eat ~good~ at breakfast
    • If you are eating breakfast, you better be EATING breakfast.

That’s just a glipse. I know, I am a pain in the ass. xx.


Why Write?

I am not the best writer. I am not. I suck at punctuation and grammar. I like short short sentences, that are all really just fragments. So why do I have this blog? You are probably asking yourself that. Because I love to write. I think too much, my head is full of thoughts and writing gives me a place to put them all. I also think writing to someone is beautiful. Letters are beautiful. Getting thoughts and feelings out in the open is a good way to live. So I write. Because I want to write for the rest of my life. I have always loved reading blogs. I love when people are witty and insightful and make me think “Yes that’s exactly what I was thinking”. I love agreement. So I guess I just kinda threw caution to the wind and bleh here we are. Just trying to get my thoughts out here. This is exciting. Heehee. Why write? Because why the fuck not.

If you like writing. If you have any desire to do it. Just do it. Get your thoughts out.



Dear Me,

Heyyyyyyy babe ;). Okay, let’s get serious here. You haven’t done too much in your life. Well you have done a lot actually. But in the grand scheme of things and the grand scheme of people in this world. You are completely average. Congratulations! But what other people do shouldn’t matter to you. Don’t let it. If you do, you will spend your days wishing you were someone else. That’s never good. You graduated high school, you finished your first year in college, you have good friends, and an amazing family. You haven’t done everything you have wanted. You haven’t gone to Europe yet (That’s coming up soon tho.) and you haven’t figured out your exact dream job. But don’t worry we are on the right track for that. Your heart is full though. You better keep it that way. Some days, when it’s raining and you’re tired and bored you are going to wish you’re life was more adventurous and different. You will wish you lived in another place and looked different. But that’s naive and stupid and self centered. Because a good life is not about how you look to strangers. It’s about having those people that you know would do anything for you, and knowing you would give them the world if you could. It’s about putting everything into all your relationships. It’s acceptance. Your life might not be the most glamorous and you may be sitting on your couch right now writing this in your pajamas. But it’s you. And you gotta get everything good outta what you got.

In summation,

You’re cool as shit. Stay fabulous. Always.

P.s. You are all fabulous. Probably I don’t know you personally so I can’t make assumptions but if you are reading my blog you gotta be. Live your best life. Be happy.


Good Things :)

Lemonade. Hot tubs. Snow. Your dog greeting you at your door. Blankets. Blankets. Blankets. Movies when it’s raining. French fries, No cheese fries. Ice cream every day. Waking up without an alarm. Today. Every day. Laziness. Pajamas. Burgers. Candy. Long drives. Lattes. Funny shows. Laughing. The moon. Ice water. Letting something go. Face masks. Being surrounded by the people you love. Holidays. “Good morning”. New shoes. The day after you got over a cold. A tan. Kind strangers. Home. You. You. You. 🙂

Just a little happiness for ya. xx.

What Going To College Is Really Like

You get there and it’s exhilarating. You are about to meet your roommate, you are about to go to college for christ’s sake. And then you unpack the car and you haul all your shit up to your tiny ass room in your bleak residence hall and you pass other kids all doing the same thing. You meet your roommate and it’s awkward. Exciting but heavily awkward. Then you spend a couple of hours putting your room together and your roommate leaves because she doesn’t want to be in the way. You stare at your tiny bed in your tiny room with all your things jam packed and you think ok here we go. Then you go to eat with your family and you talk about how you are excited and it’s gonna be great and after all that happens they drop you off back at your bleak residence hall with no familiar faces and no idea where the hell you are on campus. Your mom cries, sobs actually and so you start to cry and your dad kisses you forehead and they drive off. You walk up to your dorm and you sit on your bed because your roommate isn’t back yet and you wonder what the fuck you just got yourself into. It all hits you like a brick through a window for a moment and you wish you could call your parents and get back in that car and drive back to your old friends and your old room and your old town.

But then your roommate comes back. And she has friends from home and you meet them and everyone on your floor in one fell swoop and you think I am not going to remember these peoples names. You go out, you have fun, you keep yourself occupied and you are happy. It feels like summer camp, surreal that this is your life and this is where you live now. It will eventually become your second home, just give it time. And you will remember those names soon enough but for now stick with Hey you! It works like a charm.

That first day feeling will come back sometimes. On Sunday mornings and boring nights especially. But it doesn’t stay for too long. And trust me, when you are home for 3 months for summer or 5 weeks for winter break you will have that same feeling but towards your college friends and your college life. It’s a big change, so damn big sometimes it’s all you can think about. But we all adjust. College is fun guy’s, just ride it out 🙂

That’s the jist of it. xx.

To Get This Started.

Whelp. Here we go. Wish me luck.

I honestly don’t know how to start a blog. Am I supposed to tell you all about my ~life~ and all about me? What do you want to know? How am I supposed to be relatable? I love to write letters. I like to put my thoughts into words you know? Because sometimes I am all over the place and I forget things and I get off topic but when you write everything down, you can’t forget it. It’s solid. I like that. So let’s be relatable Maddie. Let’s write these random ass people a letter. On your marks. Get set. Ready. Steady. Alrighty. Almost there. And…. Go.

Dear Reader,

It’s 10PM and I am sitting in bed rummaging through my brain of what to write to you, but shooting all my ideas down. The truth is, I am scared shitless of publishing this blog. What if no one likes it? What if no one reads it. I would normally say LOL I don’t give a fuck. But this whole thing makes me a little nervy. You probably won’t agree with all my opinions and half the time you will think I am random as all hell but if you stick with me I promise to make you laugh and I promise you we will get each other. If you are around my age, live in the U.S., go to college, live a pretty boring life and are reading this blog. I am you. Well, actually I am special and awesome and you are probably not that but logistically we are the same. 🙂 So bear with me here. Every week, I am gonna write a post about the first thing that comes to mind, maybe more maybe less we will see how I am feeling. Everyone of them will relate to you in some way. I will talk about myself but not too much and some days you are gonna wonder what and why the fuck you are reading this. But every time I read something I wonder why the fuck I am reading it. And this is gonna be fun guys like I am fun, sometimes jeez. Ugh just let me write my blog and read it and share it and don’t comment on how I use run on sentences and it seems like I never properly learned how to check for punctuation and grammar. Jokes on you I didn’t. Well enjoy my thoughts, I so so hope you like them. xx.

P.S. First blog post down succkaaa